How do I create a project?

Click the ‘Get Started’ button in the top right corner and create an account. Once you’ve created an account, you can click on Create Project. You will be prompted to create a title for your project, add a description, a completion date, and upload some photos. Photos are really important as they let the contractor know what they’re going to be facing and prompt important questions.

What happens next?

Once you’ve added pictures to your project, it ‘goes live’. That means we notify contractors that your project has been created. Contractors will review the project, ask you questions, and confirm details. They will also provide you with bids on your project. You can review the bids, and the contractors who’ve placed them, their profiles, and past projects including before and after photos.

I’ve selected a bid. What happens now?

When you select a contractor’s bid, you will be prompted to make payment via Credit Card or Paypal. When you make your payment, your money is held in trust, and the contractor is notified that the project has been funded. Contact information is provided to both parties, and you can make arrangements for the project to be completed. Once you’ve confirmed the project has been completed, your payment is withdrawn from the trust account and deposited in the contractor’s account.

How do reviews work?

The reviews that you see on the bidmii platform are 100% genuine. We wanted to create a level playing field that isn’t influenced by the size of a contractor’s marketing budget. The only way for anyone to get a review on our platform is to complete a project. When you complete a project, both users are provided with an opportunity to rate the other. Everyone has an incentive to play nicely in the sandbox.