Trevor Taylor

July 12, 2021


This month we wanted to highlight an up and coming Bidmii contractor - Trevor Taylor!  With 15 years of experience, Trevor has become one of the most active contractors on our platform since he joined us this June.

Trevor is from Nova Scotia but moved to Cambridge, where he became a tradesman and discovered his passion for flooring and tile work. Trevor specializes in hardwood laminate luxury vinyl tile, while also having done a fair share of trim and general handyman stuff over the years. Trevor says his love of work comes from, “the rewarding feeling of transforming something old into something new again and to see a satisfied customer is very rewarding.”

Trevor comes from a long line of carpenters and boat builders where his family name, Taylor, has always represented their family businesses from fishing wears to roofing and flooring companies. Trevor decided to follow his family’s footprints because to him -  the name Taylor represents quality.

When Trevor first heard about Bidmii through social media, he immediately signed up. “I think it's great the security it brings with Bidmii handling the money and as well as the ease in connecting customers to contractors,” says Trevor.

The Bidmii team is lucky to have someone as skillful and talented as Trevor. If you’ve been wanting to check something off of your to-do list, you can count on Trevor to get the job done!