Thunder Bay startup, Rent Panda joins forces with bidmii

Thunder Bay startup, Rent Panda joins forces with bidmii to revolutionize the way people find and invest in their homes.

Aug 15, 2021

Finding a home, renting it and taking care of repairs has always been challenging. But in today’s hot Thunder Bay housing market, intense competition and rising prices have put extra pressure on both the rental and home improvement industries. Local start-up, Rent Panda is teaming up with bidmii to make renting and maintaining your home as easy as living in it.

Often, when you need to make a repair or renovate, your immediate reaction as a homeowner or landlord is to ask a friend. You’re left scrambling to find the right tradesperson, get the bid and make a decision (often without a reference or review) all in a time crunch. On the flipside, as a tradesperson, it is difficult to set up your own business, find jobs, market yourself and ultimately have time to do what you do best - your trade.

Bidmii is a go-to solution for home renovations and repairs. An easy way to get multiple bids on home renovation projects and work with local, trusted contractors to get it done. A cutting-edge rating and payments system keeps everyone honest and ensures work is done on time and on budget. It’s a simple three-step process: Post a Project, Compare Bids and Book A Pro.

For contractors,bidmii simplifies the process, allowing them to bid on jobs and spend less time on administration, all with the click of a button. Rent Panda has been providing tenants and landlords a trusted place to find and list a home since 2018. From listing to lease, Rent Panda offers high quality tools with expert service, providing everything a landlord or tenant may need. Now, in partnership with bidmii,

Rent Panda is going beyond lease signing to help make maintaining a home even easier. “Our integration with bidmii will fundamentally change the way tenants and landlords rent here in Thunder Bay” said Hart Togman, COO of Rent Panda.

“Collaborating with Rent Panda is the perfect collision of two brands that not only want to make a positive impact on the rental community, but also on a landlord’s long-term investment.” Jon Christensen, CEO of bidmii.