Thinking about spring…

January 26, 2021


This mild winter has got us thinking about spring.  After a year like 2020, we wouldn’t be mad if mother nature decided to bring some warmer weather a little earlier this year.  Unfortunately, with spring comes the dreaded (or sometimes not so dreaded depending on who you are) spring cleaning.  We’ve made a list of a few things that can help you prep your home after a season of snow, ice, rain, and below-freezing temperatures so it’s in fighting form for the summer ahead.

First thing’s first, check out that attic.  It might be scary and daunting, but you certainly want to make sure no critters have set up camp during the winter to stay warm.  If you notice any evidence that an animal might have made a home up there, we recommend hiring a specialist to handle it (the perfect project to post on Bidmii).  While you’re up there, also check for gray and black blotches.  The attic can sometimes house mould which will turn up as dark spots.  Proper insulation and ventilation will deter this from happening in the future.

One of the more satisfying things you can do in the spring is clean your windows, both inside and out! Dust and dirt can build up over time especially following autumn and winter, and the shorter, darker, and colder days make it hard for us to notice, or to really even care. Plan ahead so you’re ready for when the sun comes out and illuminates all of the build-up. Not sure you want to tackle this job on your own? Hire a window cleaner to get it all done for you in half a day.

You might also want to start thinking about any changes you can make to your yard that will help you enjoy the outdoors a little more. Landscaping can be a large project, and depending on what you’re looking to do it would be good to start planning early. You’ll want to book a landscaper soon if you want a beautiful, summer-ready backyard, or a contractor if you’re looking to update your fencing or deck.