The Blissful Window: Why Now is the Time to Think About a Cleaning

February 21, 2021

In this challenging, confusing world, there are a handful of blissful feelings that, for a moment, make everything feel alright. The smoothness of your teeth after (not before, and not during) a dentist appointment. The sound of a baby giggling. The dopamine rush of getting 200 likes on your new profile picture…we’ve heard.

And, of course, the feeling of looking out a perfectly clean window.

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the windows are the…um, windows to your place’s soul. A season’s worth of dirt and grime make for a congested fengshui. Professionally washed, squeaky-clean glass make for a zen-like satisfaction. 

Beyond the obvious spiritual benefits, there are a bevy of practical benefits to clean windows as well. Over time, the chemicals, dirt, mold, and/or rot that develop in and around windows can damage them, or worse, make them completely nonfunctional. This can mean leakier windows, reduced comfort, AC/heating working overtime, increased energy and maintenance bills, and an existential threat to your sanity. 

Staying proactive about keeping windows clean reduces the burdens on your bank balance, your physical comfort, and your emotional well-being. 

Early Spring Cleaning

The depths of winter may make it seem inestimably far away, but in reality, spring is right around the corner. We at Bidmii know that spring is one of the two best times during the year to clean your windows (fall is the other one), and also that this drives demand for professional window-washers sky-high. April and May are the two busiest months for these expert glass-cleansers. 

Our best advice: Be proactive, and hire a professional sooner rather than later. It’ll help you save some cash in the near term, and keep your windows durable for a long time. In case you need a little convincing, we’ve put together a few reasons why it makes more sense to hire a pro than to do it yourself. We love your DIY spirit, but we love your practicality even more.

  • Reason #1: You’ll actually save money. Professional window-washers usually charge about $200 for a single job. If you were to go out and buy all of the equipment and cleaning supplies yourself, you’d probably be looking at about the same price, not including the hours it would take you to finish the job.


  • Reason #2: You’ll get better results. Doing it yourself will likely give you adequate results. But what if you encounter hard water stains or traces of unknown chemicals? What if you painstakingly finish the job, only to leave streaks and stains of your own? Pros have specialized, often eco-friendly equipment, and they know how to deal with stubborn smudges. They’ll do it perfectly the first time.

  • Reason #3: Your windows will live forever. Okay, not forever, but for longer than they otherwise would have. Pros will be able to identify possible sources of damage/dysfunction and at very least alert you, if not also address the issues, then and there. More durable windows = less money spent on repairs = more happiness for you.

  • Reason #4: You’ll get that blissful feeling. And that’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it? We’re all spending more time than usual in our homes; the more of that time can be spent blissfully, the better.

Don’t wait until a bees’ nest lodged in your storm window forces your hand. Whether you’re in need of a big, reputable team or a capable solo actor, Bidmii’s got you covered. We’ve already found, vetted, and rated the best local window washers — all you’ve got to do is choose.