Stay ahead of the curve with these colour trends set to wow in 2021

October 31, 2020


2021 is bringing the colour.  Say goodbye to grey-on-grey and sterile whites, but what’s most noteworthy is that the once-popular accent wall is on its way out.  We’re spending countless hours in the comforts of our own home, so here are a few tips to help you make sure it’s just that, comfortable…

…oh, and wildly chic as well.

Up first we’ve got teal. Variations of this colour seem to come and go over the years, but luckily, 2021 is bringing a teal that is timeless and sure to brighten any room in your house. Yup, that’s right, 2021’s teal can work in essentially any setting. This shade is a lot lighter and more muted than the dark and intense teal's we’ve seen in the past. It’s a great colour to paint your kitchen cabinets, sets the perfect tone for your home office or living room, but we think our favourite place to see this colour is in an updated master bathroom - this colour practically screams tranquility (or better yet softly whispers it). Below are some images of this colour in action to inspire your next home project. If you like what you see, we recommend checking out Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal.

This next colour is an earthy tone that reminds us of our favourite season, fall. Why do we love fall? Because despite the temperatures getting colder, fall is a season of warmth, meaningful connection, and reflection.

Our favourite version of this colour is by Dulux called Brave Ground. This shade intends to reconnect us with nature by introducing more organic tones and textures back into our living spaces. Integrate Brave Ground or colours like it into spaces that you use for gathering - living rooms, dining rooms, and for some, that might be the kitchen. Elevate the space with how you choose to decorate it - lots of wood or rattan, organic stoneware, hardcover books, throw blankets - really anything that represents comfort and warmth to you. And just wait, we haven’t even mentioned the best part about this colour, while it is a quite striking and powerful hue, it’s got enough versatility and substance to last years without risk of becoming outdated.

Finally, we’re moving on to an interior design trend that is going to be really big in 2021, we’ve dubbed it nostalgic eclecticism. We expect this will be especially popular with young millennials because it pretty much gives you permission to take everything you’ve accumulated over the years - all your hand me down furniture, purchases from Facebook marketplace, those quirky pillows your friend gifted you when you moved into your first place, and bring them together in one space.

There’s a sixties vibe that’s making a comeback in all things design and our homes are no exception. If you feel this trend matches your style, our recommendation is to start with a blank canvas. Paint the walls your favourite shade of white and start adding more colourful elements to the room, whether that be rugs, artwork, you name it. If you notice you’re lacking that pop of colour, seriously, run out to your nearest thrift shop and pick up some colourful vases for $3. This trend is fitting to the times, it’s cost-effective and sustainable, two themes we’re seeing pop up more and more. In a nutshell, this trend is about taking what you’ve already got and getting creative. We’ve added some images below for inspiration - there are no rules to this game, truly, anything goes.