From Drab to Fab: Why you should hire a decorator for your next home reno

May 7, 2021


I can’t be the only one who gets overwhelmed flipping through House & Home magazines or watching HGTV shows - there are SO many ways to style your home these days which makes having a clear vision of your future space very tricky. And even for those that have a style in mind, finding affordable fixtures; furniture; appliances; and decor that all come together and achieve that overarching goal is a huge undertaking. Solution? Hiring an interior decorator.  

Hiring decorators and designers sounds like something that the rich and famous do, services that many people hear and immediately picture dollar signs. Homeowners typically choose to navigate the design of their home themselves, expecting that it will be the more cost-effective route but it often ends up leading to added costs. 

Now you might be thinking, “well, why should I hire a decorator?” 

Interior decorators are professionals - experts in their field. They’ll make recommendations for furnishings, backsplashes, decor, etc. that will fit into your overall budget, and in some cases, they’ll even manage the ordering process. This does a few things. 

1) Ensures you won’t under or over order. 

2) Ensures you stay well within your budget. 

3) Ensures you’re getting the styles you WANT (I mean, they do know all the right places to look) 

And 4) saves you time and stress (and potentially an argument or two).

There are things that really are best left to the professionals, and I’d say finishing the interior of your home is no exception. Bidmii’s now got some incredible interior decor and design specialists that are ready to help you plan, design, and execute your next renovation. No project is too big so if you’ve got an idea brewing, create a project on Bidmii.