Deb and Karen - Contractor Spotlight

This month bidmii is dedicating our contractor spotlight to Deb and Karen, bidmii’s dynamic duo!

26 Aug, 2021


Deb and Karen joined bidmii together as Blue Door Interior & Design back in April 2021 and have loved working with the homeowners they have met so far! With over 10 years in the design and renovation industry, these two are ready to tackle any project that comes their way!

Deb and Karen specialize in Interior Design and Renovation. They do onsite and online design consultations and implementation plans, 2D and 3D design drawings (plans, perspectives, and virtual tours), renovation planning and project management, and custom window coverings.

Karen has a diploma in Interior Design from Durham College. Her skill set includes interior design, 3D design concept drawings (which shows the potential a space holds - before it happens), and window coverings. Deb has a BaSC in Marketing & Consumer Studies from the University of Guelph.  Her organization skills are beyond compare, enabling design jobs (no matter how big or small) to run as efficiently as possible.

Deb and Karen’s favourite part about working is helping homeowners realize the full potential of their homes. Their motto is, “Life can be complicated, your home doesn't have to be!” They love re-designing new and old spaces that will maximize the flow and functionality of the home, while keeping the homeowners’ style and taste in mind.

The bidmii team is lucky to have this pair on board! If you need some inspiration or are looking to create a new space, you can definitely count on Deb and Karen to make your home look beautiful!