Almost 70% of Canadians have difficulties finding contractors for their home renovations

August 14, 2020


Now that we’re spending more time at home amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the home project you’ve always dreamed of may have crossed your mind a few times.  So what’s stopping you from making your dream home a reality?

According to a survey done by IPSOS in 2018, nearly two-thirds of homeowners in Toronto have faced problems with contractors such as unanticipated add-on expenses, deposits vanishing, and untidy jobs demanding to be redone.

Beyond the problems faced with contractors, a stunning 70% of Canadian’s have difficulties even finding contractors for their home renovations that they can rely on. Our homes should feel like our haven, whoever we let in, we should be able to trust. Why are we unable to rely on contractors, who are supposed to help make our homes a haven?

We looked at the Ipsos research further to help understand why this is:

• Only 19% of homeowners checked their contractor’s corporate liability insurance

• Just 14% examined the legal history of their contractor

• 1 in 10 performed credit checks

• 7% did criminal checks

• 29% checked the contractor’s reviews on the internet

• 27% visited previous customers of the contractor

• 21% reviewed complaints about the contractor on the web

After reading all these stats, you must be overwhelmed and thinking that you will have to put in even more work to ensure the perfect match with your contractor. But hold on - besides transforming a room, there is room for transforming this marketplace.

Enter Bidmii

We believe there is a better way to get home improvements done. A more efficient, transparent, and less costly method that protects both homeowners and home service professionals. We are an online platform for homeowners and service professionals that automates project creation, the bidding process, secure payments, and project closeouts. Our mission is to help people live better by getting things done.